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"Baaba Maal opened his mouth and beautiful pearls and lilies and songbirds came flying out. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen" Michael Stipe

Senegalese singer and star of the world stage Baaba Maal is a man with a mission that extends beyond his music. He is committed to the concerns of families, young people and the future of the African continent, as is reflected in his role as Youth Emissary for the United Nations' Development Programme.

Baaba Maal was born in Podor, a town with a population of 6,000, on the banks of the river Senegal that separates the country of the same name from Mauritania. 

His father worked in the fields but was also given the honour and responsibility of using songs to call the worshippers to the mosque. Baaba's mother was a musician who sang and wrote her own songs educating her son in the musical forms of the area and encouraging the young Baaba to value intelligent and thoughtful lyrics.

Baaba also grew up listening to black music coming out of America, people like James Brown, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and Etta James. Later he caught up with Jamaican musicians such as Toots Hibbert, Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff.

On winning an art scholarship to Dakar, Baaba joined Asly Fouta, a group of 70 musicians, and spent his time with the group learning as much as he could about the local musical instruments and how they work. On leaving college he toured West Africa with longtime friend and guitarist Mansour Seck, soaking up more knowledge.

On arriving back in Senegal Baaba formed his band Daande Lenol (Voice of the People).Consistently on tour, Baaba is bringing his message and music to all corners of the globe. Baaba Maal can speak and sing to and for Africa with unprecedented authority.

As a solo artist, Baaba Maal has recorded 9 albums and a best of compilation released on the Palm Pictures label in 2005. In June 2009 he released his fourth studio album with Palm, entitled 'Television'. This album is full of life, with modern 'western' elements, collaberating with the New-York based, Brazilan Girls, and legendary songwriter Barry Reynolds. Hypnotic in parts, ascoustically-driven with impeccable vocals from Maal.

Stand-out tracks involve 'Dakar Moon', 'Television', 'International', 'Tindo Quando' and 'Song For Women'.

Blue Mountain Music publish the following albums for this artist for the World.

'Missing You (Mi Yeewnii)'

'Nomad Soul'

'On The Road'


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