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The most successful of the second-generation reggae bands, Black Uhuru maintained their high quality despite numerous personnel changes in their 16-year history.

The first reggae band to win a Grammy in 1985, Black Uhuru was formed in the Waterhouse district of Kingston by Ervin 'Don Carlos' Spencer, Rudolph 'Garth' Dennis, and Derrick 'Duckie' Simpson. When Dennis left, Simpson, reorganized the band with Errol 'Jay' Wilson and quivery-voiced lead vocalist Michael Rose.

Accompanied by the classic rhythm section of Sly Dunbar on drums and Robbie Shakespear on bass, Black Uhuru created a sound that made them a match for any reggae ensemble. Their debut album, Love Crisis, released in 1977, included the 'I Love King Selassie' which survives today as a bonafide Reggae anthem. Three years later, the album was remixed and released as Black Sounds of Freedom.

Black Uhuru ('Uhuru' is Swahili for 'Freedom') best known songs are 'Sponji Reggae', 'What Is Life', 'Shine Eye Gal', 'Sinsemelia' and Michael Rose's 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner' which was inspired by the 1967 film of the same name. Black Sounds of Freedom is a crucial album that showcased the raw power of Reggae groups in the Rockers period of Jamaican music in the late 70's, and is one of the cornerstone albums that is laid in Reggae music's foundation.

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'Liberation: The Island Anthology'