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Free helped lay solid foundations for the rise of hard rock.

Free formed in London in 1968 when guitarist Paul Kossoff, saw vocalist Paul Rodgers' group Brown Sugar. Deciding to form their own band, Kossoff and Rodgers recruited drummer Simon Kirke and 16-year-old bass phenomenon Andy Fraser from the ranks of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. With the aid of Alexis Korner, who also suggested the name Free, the fledgling band signed to Island Records and recorded their debut album in that same year.

'Tons of Sobs' comprised of the band's live set list for the most part but also showcased the band's deep roots in the blues with 'I'm A Mover' and 'Sweet Tooth' being standouts.

One year later in 1969, Free's eponymously named and Chris Blackwell produced follow up album expanded upon their roots based sound with muscular ballads such as 'Lying in the Sunshine' and driving riffs used in great abundance on songs like 'Woman'.

With 'Free', the group displayed an emerging individual style framed by Kossoff's stinging lead guitar, Fraser's strong bass, Kirke's rock solid beat and Rodgers anguished vocals.

1970's follow up 'Fire and Water' was an explosive hit, steered by the primal 'All Right Now'. This seminal track, powered by Rodgers' gritty, visceral vocals, was a massive hit on both sides of the Atlantic reaching number 2 in the UK Charts and number 4 on US Billboard Chart. It has remained to this day the band's signature tune.

The band released one more album in 'Highway' with 'The Stealer' leading the way on the single stakes before splitting in 1971. It was to be their last project together as the iconic blues rock collective that was Free, leaving their music to influence artists for years to come.

Stand-out tracks include;

'All Right Now', 'Trouble On Double Time', 'The Stealer', 'Fire And Water', 'Broad Day Light', I'm A Mover'.

Blue Mountain Music publish the following albums for this artist for the World.

'Blue Soul'; 'Free'; 'Highway'; 'Tons of Sobs'