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Whether with his characteristic backslap acoustic guitar playing, his effects driven experimental journeys or catalog of excellent songs, John Martyn remains an important and influential figure in both British folk and rock.

Martyn made a name for himself as a talented young troubadour and eventually moved to London from his native Scotland, in his 20's. He became a fixture at Cousins, the center for the local folk scene that spawned the likes of Bert Jansch, Ralph McTell and Al Stewart.

Soon, he caught the attention of Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, who made him the first solo white act to join the roster of his reggae-based label.
In 1967, John released his debut album 'London Conversation' which featured signs of things to come with songs such as 'Run Honey Run', a traditional arrangement of 'Cocain' and a version of 'Sandy Grey' composed by Robin Fredericks.

'The Tumbler' followed a year later and showed John's increasing prowess as a finger style guitarist in evidence on 'Seven Black Roses'.
While on the road, Martyn continued to experiment with his sound, adding various effects to his electrified acoustic. One such effect, the Echoplex, allowed him to play to tape loops of his own guitar, enveloping himself in his own playing while continuing to play leads over the swelling composition. This method became integral to his recordings and performances in the ensuing years.

Certainly the most outstanding example of the use of the Echoplex was 'Small Hours' which featured on the 1977 album 'One World', produced by Chris Blackwell.
1980 saw the release of one of John's best loved albums in 'Grace & Danger', an openly confessional record with 'Sweet Little Mystery' a highlight that was to become a hit-record for Martyn.
John Martyn passed away ont he 29th January 2009, leaving a legacy for many inspired songwriters, old and new, and those to come.
Blue Mountain Music publish the following track(s) for this artist for the World excluding North America; 'Seven Black Roses', 'Sweet Little Mystery'.
Blue Mountain Music publish the following albums for this artist for the World; 'London Conversation'. 'The Tumbler'.
Blue Mountain Music publish the following albums for this artist for the World excluding North America; 'Grace And Danger', 'One World'