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The Maytals were key figures in reggae music and were comprised of leader Frederick "Toots" Hibbert, Nathaniel "Jerry" Matthias, and Raleigh Gordon, all natives of Kingston, Jamaica.

Formed in the early '60s when ska was hot, the Maytals had a reputation for having strong, well-blended voices and a seldom rivaled passion for their music. Hibbert's soulful style led him to be compared to Otis Redding. They first recorded with producer Clement "Coxsone" Dodd and the resulting album, Hallelujah, offered a blend of gospel-style vocals and soul sung to a horn-driven Jamaican beat.

The Maytals began working with Byron Lee in 1966. Hits from this era include "Dog War," "Daddy," and "Broadway Jungle." That year Lee and His Dragonaires backed the Maytals at the premiere Jamaican Festival Song Competition. Their song, "Bam Bam," won the contest and began a rapid ascent to real stardom.

While serving a short prison sentence in the late 1960's, Hibbert honed his songwriting skills.
Huge rocksteady standard hits in the forms of '54 - 46 Was My Number' and 'Funky Kingston' followed. Other major songs from this time include the scathingly funny "Monkey Man," and "Sweet and Dandy," which provided the Maytals with a second win at the 1969 Festival Song Competition. One of their all-time great hits, "Pressure Drop," was from the soundtrack of the definitive reggae film, The Harder They Come. By 1971, they had not only become the biggest act on the island, they were also (thanks to signing with Chris Blackwell's Island Records) international stars.

They moved on to producer Byron Lee, and though the hits continued, things began to slow down. It was Lee who renamed them Toots & the Maytals. Hibbert and the group broke up in 1981. From there Hibbert began working with producers Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. He continued to have international success through the '80s.

Hibbert created a new Maytals in the early '90s and has continued touring the world with them. 
Stand-out tracks include;
'Funky Kingston', 'Pomp & Pride'.
Blue Mountain Music publish the following albums on behalf of  Freddrick Hibbert for the World;
'Funky Kingston- In The Dark'.