Bob Marley

From the beginning, U2 were marked out by their drive and ambition, admitting they were a band "before they could play".

Bono, Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton met at Mt Temple School, formed U2 in 1978. They produced their first three albums with Steve Lilywhite; Boy (1980), October (1981) and War (1983). Their performance at Live Aid in July 1985 was watched by millions and Time Magazine declared U2 "Rock's Hottest Ticket". 

Arena tours rolled into stadium tours and The Joshua Tree went on to win the Grammy for Album of the Year in 1987. They released Achtung Baby at the dawn of the 90's and set off on Zoo TV, which travelled the globe twice in two years. That momentum created Zooropa, planned as a single recorded on the road that grew into an EP and eventually became U2's eighth album in 1993. 

In 2000, U2 returned with All That You Can't Leave Behind; playing a series of gigs in small clubs for the first time in 17 years, Bono announced that U2 were reapplying for their old job - the world's biggest rock band. As they took the Elevation Tour through Europe and the States (twice) in 2001, the unanimous verdict was that they had succeeded. 

In 2006, they released U2 by U2 a definitive history of the band. Acknowledged as one of the best live acts in the world, U2 have released 11 studio albums, and sold over 150 million, they have won numerous awards; including 22 Grammy's, a Golden Globe, an Oscar nomination and the Amnesty International, Ambassador of Conscience.

Stand-out tracks include;

'One, 'Vertigo', 'I Still Haven't Found', 'With Or Without You', 'Where The Street's Have No Name'.

Blue Mountain Music publish the following albums for this artist/songwriter for the UK (exc. Ireland) only.

'Atchung Baby', 'Boy', 'How To Distmantle An Atomic Bomb', 'Joshua Tree', 'October', 'The Unforgettable Fire', 'Under A Blood Red Sky', 'War'.